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  • JOhnCl

    About me: ...Direct experience with managing industrial laboratories, decades of middle management and conducting reviews to meet future needs in equipment and skills. •             Learning Pa...

  • Mihiwai Te Aho

    Skills: Skills? Mmmmmm.I often feel and have openly expressed to my work colleagues like a jack of all trades but a master of none!

  • Arianna Coleman

    Skills: Specialising skills in Dance and Drama

  • Raewyn McLeod

    Brief description: Academic Support Officer for XCERIO Digital Skills Institute. A former secondary school educator of twenty years in the Digital Technologies field, I now support industry recognised IT certification programs in schools.

  • David Farquhar

    About me: ...The Boot Camp involves approx 70 students from a wide range of schools across the North Island who attend to learn vital soft skills such as networking, presentation skills and relationship building whi...

  • Wayne Howes

    About me: ...We are trying to get most out of tablets to support our learning. I have a strong interest in digital photography and enjoy developing photography skills with my students. We are also...

  • Tia McIver

    Skills: and management skills.

  • Nyra

    About me: ...irst New Zealand and the University of Auckland.  I have joined this group so that I can continue to learn and fill my kete with the knowledge and skills to help me be the best teache...

  • Cath Forster

    Skills: Organisational People skills

  • Claire Knight

    About me: ...elopment based around Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Positive Behavior Systems and more.   All of this has given me the experience to learn valuable skills and strategies to use with al...