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  • krista huber

    About me: ...Liz Melchior.  I see a strong link between dance and language attrition for children.  Dance is a great vehicle to extend children's oral language skills and to bring meaning to new i...

  • Dr Linda Ashley

    About me: ...tial Guide to Dance (3rd ed., Hodder & Stoughton, 2008, Welsh edition 2011); Dance Theory & Practice for Teachers: Physical and performing skills, (Essential Resources, 2005,...

  • Moana Brown

    About me: ...ching career.  I love working with kids ... learning from them, inspiring them, challenging them to be great learners and achievers, teaching them skills and strategies to be amazing...

  • Shanna

    Skills: basic skills in iPads

  • juliet vickers

    About me: ...wer Northland 3 years ago and we are really enjoying living in New Plymouth. I am really looking forward to developing my leadership knowledge and skills this year.

  • Robbie Liebert

    Skills: wide variety of practical skills to deliver a wide range of fundamentals. Specialist coaching in some sports

  • David Allan

    Skills: Thinking skills and Global Perspectives/Business skills Oh and of course all of Microft Office skills

  • Rosy D'souza

    Skills: Organisational skills

  • Hannah

    About me: I am a 2nd year teacher working at Prospect Primary in Glen Eden, West Auckland. I have a vibrant, boisterous bunch of students who challenge me everyday! I am committed to raising their achievement and furthering my teaching skills/knowledge.

  • Andrew Jones

    Skills: some skills with moodle