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  • bit.ly - URL shortener

    You can use this website to shorten URLs/web addresses, in order to make them easier for students to copy or type in. There are a couple of alternatives (eg tiny.cc and tinyurl.com) if you prefer. You can specify the short URL that it generates (unless the one you want is already taken), or just...

    Tags: short URL, tinyurl, bit.ly, URL

  • QR Code generator

    You can use this website to generate a QR code (Quick Reference or Quick Response, depending on whom you ask) to display web addresses (among other things). There are various alternatives but this is a reliable one if you don't know where to start. An example for how I've used it on a ...

    Tags: BYOD, QR Code, short url

  • QR Codes in Maths

    Tags: BYOD, QR Code, short url, maths, flipped classroom