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  • EduCampNZ dates & venues on the wiki http://bit.ly/ijZhyt focus is on e-learning, sharing ideas we've discovered & learning from each other

  • I there anyone who can give me five minutes of screen sharing via Skype time to show me how to add stuff to a group?

  • @lynross thought we could kick it off by sharing an app that we like- I have done one to get us started.

  • PK presentation uploaded as ppt...sharing the love of e-Learning with like-minded others:0

  • Area 'Cluster facilitators' meeting with Coalface, King Country Coast, 3 Rivers. Lotsa sharing:)

  • Have you voted yet?! | eLearning: Leaders are voting for and sharing their key issues: /mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=55213&group_

  • I was so proud of my team today http://goo.gl/aMZ45 Fabulous sharing of how to foster home school partnerships.

  • Sharing the VLN with secondary advisors

  • Valued reflections/sharing from #EduCampAKL http://bit.ly/njc0lq thanks @traintheteacher @stevevoisey @vanschaijik @taratj @TeacherNZ @phpnz

  • Investigating explanations behind the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 @ http://3strikes.net.nz/