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  • Safer Internet Day: what's it all about? Check out Jane's post here http://bit.ly/1Dd3MKk and share your stories here http://bit.ly/1ESUmFY

  • I like the Virtual Learning Network as it provides opportunities for teachers to share ideas and resources from a central site. Onward!!!

  • Do you have advice on growing a PLN that you would like to share? Then go to http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/2011/

  • Fairfield College wants to create a collaborative resource for level 1 maths, /pg/pages/view/54708/ please share

  • e-Learning weekly Round-up will be delayed until tomorrow (I'm waiting until I can share exciting news with you all;-)....

  • Please share your experiences for uploading ICT PD reflective summaries online, so we can revise for next time http://fizurl.com/survey

  • Going to the Tai Tokerau EduCamp? Lucky you:-) What are you looking forward to? Share it here: http://bit.ly/jSW5vE

  • Did you go to EduCamp Tai Tokerau? http://bit.ly/jSW5vE | Share the goodness with those who couldn't be there;-)

  • Can anyone share any agreements on home use of school iPads. Some sort of protocol for their use outside of school time.

  • @kokachrissy Sounds great. We'd love to see examples when you are happy to share them:-)