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  • Judith Smallbone

    Brief description: I am responsible for junior English. Particularly interested in student self assessment and goal setting - all for the purpose of creating independent learners.




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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    ...lationship between the loop itself and the ict pd contract deli...l has not joined) the use of assessment data to inform better practic...duration of the project. may self fund onto fibre/snup if needed h...out, form a group, give yourself a name because that is how you pres...

  • ePortfolio Presentations

    Dr Helen Barrett: Aaeebl slc feb11 Classroom2.0 View more present...e Culture for ePortfolios Making the migration from traditional reporting and assessment to using ePortfolios can be c...

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  • Kia ora All... Trying to make a assessment checklist around using ict tools.any1 have a template already done who wanna share??? lev me a ms

  • Curriculum Integration Project: a trial of cross curricular learning and assessment. http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.com/

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  • Giving Children a Voice

    ...rk and in the technological component. Though she does not consider herself a digital expert, Juanita has...io, teachers are kept accountable for every part of their learning and assessment programme and this stifles th...

  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    ...Wanted to Do It:We used the ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric to get an unders...ened as a Result: The ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric proved to be very usef...re surveyed again using the ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric Nat. Goal 1 - Key Comp...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Internal assessment resource

    Internal Assessment ResourceSubject Reference: Visual Arts 1.2Internal assessment resource reference number: VisArts/1/2 – C4