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  • Virtual Learning Network: Burnside Open Letter Update 1

    A good summary of one school's journey in implementing ICT.

    Tags: secondary schools, ict, review, hardware, software, moodle, vision

  • Rangitahi College

    Rangitahi College

    Kia ora.  This is our new professional learning site to help us share and learn as education professionals. It is also required by our commitment to the Rotorua Lakes ICTPD Cluster.  It shows some aspects of our professional learning and reflections as we move thru' our 3 yr contract. We want pr...

    Tags: rotorua, rotorua lakes cluster, ictpd, ictpd cluster, highschool, rangitahi, secondary schools, ulearn11

  • Year 11 English – Discussions on Ultranet

    This is an example of using online learning during Eng Lit class.  

    Tags: english literature, secondary schools, blogging, ultranet

  • Using moodle as a learning tool

     What was our key cluster goal? Three years ago Hamilton Girls' High School (HGHS) and Hillcrest High School (HHS) started meeting together to form an ICT PD Cluster. The aim for our cluster was to have an LMS in place by the end of the three years. Both schools had been to MOE roadshows wh...

    Tags: Moodle 2, secondary schools, lms, Cobham connections,

  • Extending the Reach - Kapiti Collaborative Working Parties

    Title: Kapiti Collaborative – Extending the Reach Year level: Primary and Secondary Cluster type: Regional ICTPD cluster National Goal 3: Strengthen professional learning communities and increase collaboration across the regional cluster schools. Context: The establishment of working ...

    Tags: Kapiti Collaborative, primary, secondary schools, inquiry processes, professional learning

  • Increasing student-centred teaching and Learning in 7/8 through Windows Live Movie Maker

    I have just completed writing a set of students' friendly documentation of Windows Live Movie Maker in preparation for an ICT project for term 3. Looking forward to a bunch of excited students who will film and edit a project, which will then be showcased to the staff at Baradene.&...

    Tags: "windows live movie maker", "year7/8", secondary schools, girls, catholic school

  • Creating podcasts in History yr 12 - using Audacity

    Had a brilliant class with yr 12 History using audacity.

    Tags: secondary schools, girls, podcasts, secondary schools

  • Transitioning to Secondary School

    At this time of year our Year 8 students are preparing to leave our schools to head into Secondary Schools. It is heartening to hear, and testimony to our current eTeachers, that some are asking for options to continue with their learning language at Year 9. Already we have heard back that som...

    Tags: personalised learning, vln_primary, vlnc, secondary schools

  • ICT in Schools Survey 2011 results

    The 2020 ICT in Schools Report presents information on the survey coordinated by the 2020 Communications Trust. It includes results of developments into school ICT infrastructure, the use of networks, software, teaching applications, internet access and usage, ICT planning and funding, E-lea...

    Tags: 2020 communications trust, reportingict, secondary schools

  • Co-constructing Digital Citizenship Courses for NZ students

    Tags: co-construction, digital citizenship, primary, secondary schools