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  • jesse callagan

    Skills: 123D, Arduino coding, Scratch, 3D printing technology.

  • Scratch

    Tags: Scratch

  • Scratch Programming with VLN Primary School

    Here at VLN Primary School we started our Scratch programming class a few weeks ago.  Students are introduced to Scratch 2.0 and problem solving skills through creating a maze game.  Students have developed their own projects too and we discuss and share those through the WeLearn space....

    Tags: Scratch, programming, computer science

  • David Haythornthwaite

    Tags: All thing Apple, iPad and iPods for learning and teaching, Gardening, Scratch

  • HP Teacher Ambassadors

    HP Teacher Ambassadors

    HP Education Ambassador programme is a new initiative set up this year by HP. It follows on from the HP Student Ambassador programme that has been running now for about three years.   Nine teachers from around New Zealand have been selected for 2015. We are teachers at primary and secondary...

    Tags: HP, Learning, Education, Technology, Collaboration, GAFE, Scratch

  • Scratch + Google = Next Generation of Programming Blocks for Kids

    "Scratch and Google share a common vision of coding, seeing it as more than just a set of technical skills but rather a valuable tool for everyone, empowering kids (and adults) to imagine, invent, and explore."

    Tags: Google, Scratch

  • William Hamilton

    I am a technologist with a strong interest in education and educating.  My background includes teaching at the tertiary level along with private organisation training and development.  I enjoy seeing that "aha!" moment when the light-bulb switches on and understanding happens. More r...

    Skills: ICT, eLearning, strategy, Scratch, coding, electronics, engineering, computational thinking

  • Spotlight on Scratch webinar

    Image source: CC0: Screenshot from Scratch 2.0 showing a Hello World solution.

    Tags: play, back, on, demand, webinar, recording, Scratch, simple, coding