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  • Futures Channel

    http://www.thefutureschannel.com/index.php Mission: To produce and distribute high qual...e the learning experience. To connect mathematics, science, technology and engineering t...vide a channel through which professionals from the scie...

  • Tony Ryan's Visit to our School - Enner Glynn

        We had the privilege of having Tony Ryan work with our leadership te...ar 'curriculum' paradigm as opposed to an 'inquiry' paradigm.  This was a fair assumption, but it is also ou...

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  • Joy says it's time for some science - this is inspirational - how do you help others with your rubbish? http://bit.ly/OA8yKw

  • Great videos on creativity in education - http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2011/01/28/isaac-asimov-creativity-education-science/

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  • Science in the classroom

    This term Newmarket Primary School students have been having a blast with science. We have observed a range of experiments using our senses, and we have been formulating questions. I want t...


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  • Logistical Coordination

      Focus Establish staff appointment procedures. Identify and appoint staff to k...lasses that will be offered in the LCO. Decide on a staffing protocol that is fair and acceptable to all schools...

  • Logistical Coordination

      Focus Confirm shared timetables, calendars, and protocols for sharing with st...d resources between LCO member schools. Decide on a staffing protocol that is fair and acceptable to all schools...

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