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  • Andrew McKay

    About me: I teach science and Physics at Timaru Girls' High and am one of the lead teachers for our school in our third year of ICTPD cluster, Timnet. 

  • John Bennet

    About me: A physics/science teacher currently based in Auckland. Orginally from the UK I moved to NZ in 1989. After a couple of years in Taumarunui, where I met my wife (from Singapo...

  • Sue Leslie

    About me: I work for Evaluation Associates Ltd in Auckland. My background is in secondary science education and senior management. I have worked at EAL for 6 years as an AtoL facililitator and...

  • Giles Lancaster

    About me: ...no longer fits the conventional model".  As a change agent one of my favourite quotes is that “We must all struggle against the odds that either science or creativity will affect dec...

  • Sonya Van Schaijik

    Interests: science

  • Pam Hook

    About me: ...for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She has written curriculum material for government and business and is a co-author of two secondary science textbooks widely used in NZ s...

  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: ...views and experiences of schooling - environmental education/education for sustainability - school-based curriculum development and innovation - science education - education for ent...

  • Steve Sawtell

    About me: 30 + years of teaching Science, Chemistry and Computing -> ICT -> Digital Technology

  • John O'Regan

    About me: I have been teaching Year 5 students at Hampden Street School in Nelson since 2005. I have curriculum interests in e-learning, ICT, science, technology and environmental education. I...Interests: "science"

  • Jamie Power

    Interests: science