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  • Focused on Science and e-learning? > check out this group and its 'what if' / 'gadget' pages:-) http://bit.ly/MWkq2z

  • There's still time to register for the this week's FREE webinar: Unpacking the Science Learning Hub http://bit.ly/M3zrQV

  • Links for facilitator hui science Wkshp - /pages/view/725803/bel-workshop-4-october

  • Science time! This week it is all about the lore and science of using and caring for harakeke. http://bit.ly/X4yZK9 have a go!

  • JOS - The first hands on science museum - Started in the 1960s and still fantastic the Exploratorium is worth a visit. http://bit.ly/V3hWZO

  • "Joy of science" suggests you use waka to explore how to design an investigation into materials and design. http://bit.ly/UPLAwL Have a go!

  • who knows how to get into the Primary Science Conference group

  • Changing perceptions, uncertainly & play - how we learn new things; & getting young students involved in science: http://ning.it/12aWQOh

  • Authentic reflections on a journey into science 'teaching': http://ning.it/12K9LBO

  • 6 second science - will u take up the challenge? http://tiny.cc/6secondscience respond here /discussion/view/830232