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      What progress have you made towards your goals/what evidence do you have of progress? Have you evidence...been a challenge to gain insights into their learning and understandings of school culture...

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    Thank you so much, this is so cool. Works like a charm from iPad to wherever, but still sticky on the MacBook (running Mavericks). Worked nicely on MacBook using Mountain Lion. School network not an issue here. Cheers

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    Just tried to Flick images from iPad to laptop at school and it worked tickety boo. Different school networks will be different I suppose. Flick will be great for schools who do...

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    Can't help with the Windows thing cos I'm an Apple Girl. Just tried it for the first time today. Will try it at school tomorrow and see what happens!!

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    have you tested this in a school network?  this is a bit like the Hoccer app, where you could "throw" content from one device to another. Worked great on home network, but didn't work so good at school. if t his works it would be a great way to share content.

  • Comment on "Involving the school community - template letter"

    This is no longer current - change Moodle to Welearn site http://welearn.vln.school.nz Also add Primary after the words VLN or Virtual Learning Network

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    Kia ora, I was involved in the international Quadblogging programme in 2013, but I would like to be in the New Z...please 'add me' to the list!  Thank you :)Alina Pescini - Eastern Hutt School - Year...

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    Kia ora Deanne, I thought I had posted some korero in relation to your patai after ou...too numerous to mention. Students were coming to school early so that they can work o...ch so eveyone got to have a go at it. So when the school eventua...

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    Hi Barbara We loved being part of our quadblogging group in term 3 and 4 and I just wanted to say a huge thank y...n for a quadblogging group for term one 2014.  (Stephanie Kitto - Clyde School - Year...

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    Thank you Allanah for this site - as an SLT (and primary teacher) it was really interesting to have a look throug...de the classroom teacher, family, and the child themselves .... and those at school will ha...