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  • Case Studies in ICTPD Online

    Case Studies We now have a component of the ICT PD milestone report that asks clusters to upload a reflective summary online. In the past, ICT PD clusters offered to share case studies in their milestone reports by choice. Some of which can be viewed here.  

  • How to upload an ICT PD online reflective summary

    How to upload an ICT PD online reflective summary This area provides some support to clusters on how to upload their online...

  • St Mary's Teachers featured in National Publications

    Questions for Interface Magazine     Judith Smallbone (Year 5 and 6 Team...rs. Fortunately I have colleagues to support me at school and the children themselves,...uth from other teachers, attending the Learning at Schools...

  • Using the iPad Creatively in Class

    At Waihi East Primary School a year 5/6 class is studying 'Matariki' with a view to performing a myth or legend relating to 'Matariki' in a school s...

  • Basics of Myportfolio

    Here you'll find some of the basics of Myportfolio.school.nz I tried to keep all of the videos short but give you enough to start you off. You can book a MyPortfolio Taster for your school here http://tiny.cc/myportfolionz      

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

      What was important for us and why? Our cluster goals are: St...he group.) We gathered the needs of schools (as assessed by lead te...ouble numbers and also include middle school students. (76 children attend...to grow elearning in their respective schools....

  • Cluster Milestone 3 Reflections

    "Making the Most of a Bad Situation" Aim: Meeting the needs of...The experience of our individual schools: Avonhead School In the event of the February...routine. External Link Avonhead School Website   Russley Scho...commented that families from other schools...

  • Milestone 3

    @font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }@font-face { font-family: "Courier Ne...nce their learning   The teachers at Mamaku School provide opportunities in a Ma...dium for all students.  The senior and middle school s...

  • Milestone Resources

    Milestone Summaries 'How to' Video Reflective Summary Example - Appletree Cluster Reflective Summary Example - Nayland School   Sharing online professional reflections - PDF Download   Milestone Template - Cluster Report 3 (Mark to complete)

  • Craighead Diocesan School

          Below are some of the "adventures" our teachers are undertaking, listed as comments. Moodling Langugae on the Move:The Languages Department have...