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  • Milestone 4

    Finally completed the draft and I've posted it off to Anne S - phew! Thanks to Ann E who allowed us to use her journey as the example in the reflective summary.  This is now posted as a resource.

    Tags: milestone 4, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, whangamarino, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi

  • Uploading the template for Milestone 5 and pages for linking evidence

    You'll see that tonight I've uploaded the template as a Google Doc as per trevor's advice.  I've sent links to principals and lead teachers and the idea is that we see what each other writes. Trevor too, is able to see our progress and give us advice as we work. I've made pages for each of...

    Tags: milestone 5, rotorualakescluster, mokoiaintermediate, whangamarino, rotorua lakes high school, rangitahi

  • Using a Google Doc for Milestone 5

    Loving this! Sore eyes from staring at laptop the only down side. Ann has a cold so we were able to collaborate but I could sit out of breathing reach - lol! WONDERFUL to the see Bruce, our lead principaL, get on to the doc to fill in the budgeting information.

    Tags: rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, google docs, milestone 5, goal 2