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  • Weekly home contact with parents

    This year the Englsih Departmeent at Rotorua Lakes High School have been sending weekly emails to parents/caregivers of junior classes. This has involved informing parents of what is being taught in class and the homework expectations for the week. There has been a positive response from parents,...

    Tags: emails, communication, community engagement, rotorua lakes high school

  • Cluster Staff Meeting 21 May 2012 with Tessa Gray

    We arranged a cluster meeting on Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety with guest presenter, Tessa Gray. Annemarie's notes on Cluster Meeting May 2012 Websites to visit: http://ictpd-digital-citizenship-and-cybersafety.wikispaces.com/ http://ictpd-digital-citizenship-at-home.wikispaces.com/ ht...

    Tags: rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes cluster, rotorua lakes high school, digitalcitizenship, cybersafety, clustershare

  • Using a Google Doc for Milestone 5

    Loving this! Sore eyes from staring at laptop the only down side. Ann has a cold so we were able to collaborate but I could sit out of breathing reach - lol! WONDERFUL to the see Bruce, our lead principaL, get on to the doc to fill in the budgeting information.

    Tags: rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, google docs, milestone 5, goal 2

  • Goal 3: Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students

    1. Goal 3 and Success Indicators 2012 2. Annemarie's Inquiry 3. Integrating E_Learning in the Classroom 4. Interface Expo 5. Learning@School 2012 6. Moodle and Knowledgenet for Students 7. Knowledgenet and Moodle at RLHS 8. Teacher Appraisals 9. The E-Learning Planning Framework 10. MyP...

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, whangamarino, rotorua lakes high school, rangitahi, goal 3, elearning planning framework

  • Our Cluster Wiki - from 2010

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, whangamarino, rotorua lakes high school, rangitahi