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  • Facebook - Goal 1: Teaching our students to be digital citizens and be cybersafe

    /pg/pages/view/554626/mokoia-intermediate-our-assembly-on-facebook I've uploaded our assembly slides to our Goal 1 page. Check it out!

    Tags: facebook, digitalcitizenship, cybersafety, mokoiaintermediate, rotorua lakes cluster

  • Principal Meetings

    Term 1 2012 1.Introduction to Trevor Bond Location: Mokoia Intermediate Date: Attended by: Anne Sturgess, Trevor Bond, Deborah Epp, Bruce Walker Anne Sturgess, national facilitator for cluster in 2011, hands over to Trevor Bond.  2. Meeting re Action Planning Location: Mokoia Intermed...

    Tags: goal 2, milestone 5, rotorua lakes cluster, rotorua lakes high school, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi, whangamarino, principal's role

  • Rotorua Lakes Cluster Reflective Summary - Milestone 5: Rachel Harvey Reflects on Becoming the Teacher of a Digital Class

    Background and context Year 8 Class, ICT PD Cluster, Rotorua Lakes Cluster – Mokoia Intermediate in Rotorua, Rachel Harvey, Year 8 Digital Teacher. Aims and purpose Milestone 5 – Goal 1 and Goal 3 Our students will be successful citizens of the digital world, with the confidence...

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes cluster, Milestone 5, Goal 1, Goal 3, teachers as learners, teacher inquiry,

  • Parent Interactions

    Deborah Epp Reflects on Goal 1 and Goal 4. from mrshyde on Vimeo.

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes cluster, digitalcitizenship, cybersafety, community engagement

  • Rachel Reflects on Being in a Digital Classroom

    I made this video with Rachel as the subject, for our cluster reflective summary. This goes with Milestone Report 5.  Isn't she a star!

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, milestone 5, goal 3, goal 1, rotorua lakes cluster, rotorualakescluster, vimeo, digital resources

  • Minutes of RLC 21.10.10

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, rangitahicollege, mokoiaintermediate, rotorualakeshighschool, whangamarinoschool, reflective summary, 2012

  • Student Voice on Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety @ Mokoia Intermediate

    I interviewed students for the Milestone report.  I'm impressed how much more easily students can feflect on video than when we started this two years ago. Paddy Talks about Digital Citizenship & Cybersafety at Mokoia Intermediate from mrshyde on Vimeo. Year 8 Students Talk About F...

    Tags: mokoiaintermediate, rotorua lakes cluster, rotorualakescluster, digitalcitizenship, cybersafety, milestone 5, goal 1

  • Using The Virtual Learning Community - Video Conferencing

    Rangitahi College is situated in Murupara, an erstwhile forestry town south of Rotorua.  It's relative small size and isolation mean that using video conferencing and the Virtual Learning Network Community gives their students a chance to collaborate with a global community. Julena Hickey...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, milestone 6, rangitahicollege, goal 1, goal3, 2012

  • Teacher Appraisals

    Mokoia Intermediate Appraisals 2012

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, mokoiaintermediate, appraisal, problem based learning, inquiry, teacher inquiry

  • Does Blended E_Learning Effect Learning?

    This is a question asked by the passionate drivers of e_learning as well as the naysayers.  We have two laptop classes at Mokoia Intermediate and after our school wide testing this term both laptop class teachers came into my office smiling about the improvement on their students' results. ...

    Tags: rotorua lakes cluster, Milestone 6, Goal 1, mokoiaintermediate, student work, 2012, student achievement, laptop class, evaluation, assessment