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  • RCICT & Rotorua Town and Country Clusters

    RCICT & Rotorua Town and Country Clusters

    We are two thriving ICTPD Clusters consisiting of a total of 12 schools. RCICT = Glenholme, Malfroy, Westbrook, Rotorua Primary and Sunset Rotorua Town & Country Cluster = Mamaku, Aorangi, Kaharoa, Kawaha Point, Ngongataha, St Mary's and Otonga.

  • Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    We are a cluster in Rotorua consisting of Rotorua Lakes High, Mokoia Intermediate, Whangamarino Primary and Rangitahi College. From 2012 this evidence linked to this space will be attached...

  • Mokoia Intermediate

    Mokoia Intermediate

    We are an intermediate school located in the eastern suburbs of Rotorua in the wonderful Bay of Plenty.  We are members of the Rotorua Lakes Cluster with Whangamari...

  • Rotorua Lakes High School

    Rotorua Lakes High School

    School website: http://www.rotorualakes.school.nz/ KnowledgeNet: http://rotorualakes.moodle2.net.nz/ Mission statement: “Rotorua Lakes High School will provide excellent educa...– keep steadfastly to the truth” Background Rotorua Lakes High School was opened...

  • Rangitahi College

    Rangitahi College

    ...  This is our new professional learning site to help us share and learn as education professionals. It is also required by our commitment to the Rotorua Lakes ICTPD Cluster.  It show...

  • Whangamarino School

    Whangamarino School

    ...ga and rangimarie that is our compass.  ICT provides the tools and skills for inquiry alongside SOLO taxonomy and a general thirst for learning.  Rotorua Lakes Cluster provide the res...

  • Rotorua AP/DP Network

    Rotorua AP/DP Network

    We are the professional leaders of schools in the wider Rotorua area.  We meet regularly for PD and want to use this space to share resources and learning.

  • Transition To School in Rotorua NZ

    Transition To School in Rotorua NZ

    Hi I am a team leader at a Rotorua Primary school and run the transition to school programme and would like to discuss aspects around transition for children about to start primary school and how the transition to school can be improved for teachers, children and whanau.

  • Rotorua Eastern LCN

    Rotorua Eastern LCN

    Learning Cluster Network for the Eastern side of Rotorua

  • Connected Rotorua Teachers

    Connected Rotorua Teachers

    ...nced teachers wanted to start a professional learning network based in Rotorua; Annemarie Hyde (DP of Mokoia...nities to network with others. The Aim is to gauge an interest from Rotorua teachers (and surrounding are...