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  • Jo Gibson

    About me: ...e guidance for writers / facilitators when writing courses (flipped classroom approaches, tools, smart teac...e. coaching teachers and tutors to develop modules/courses, build eClassroom spaces online (in e.g. Moodle...

  • Tessa Gray

    About me: ...e-Learning community groups. Come join me there! My educational background spans 28 years - both here and in London. It includes generalist classroom teaching, art specialist, art...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    ...sp;       The above 'chatroom was a 'mock up' to show kids...nd to be an 8 year old girl and chat in the chatroom with the students.  I di...ng about citizenship and what it means to them, Room 12 has some thoughts on their...

  • Academic Commenting

    ...ost from Year 0 students & students comments from other classrooms at Tahunanui School at: Room 2 - 2011 Blog Why is it acad...writing the comment explain who it is from so it is not generic 'Room 7' response  

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  • Our Senior class are presenting their learning and next steps all digitally, well done Ainsley and Room 1!

  • I am getting half a dozen ipads for my room, I am on the hunt for some great ways to use them to engage and enthuse learning and beyond

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  • e-learning for students with special needs

    ...grating e-learning into their classroom programme, so that the studen...ave been installed in the new classrooms sitting out from the wall. S...d this particular student into the room because they were about to pl...chnologies. Context: Sensory rooms are common in special needs...

  • Case Study - Online Languages 2009

    ...Jarad Chittenden, a Year 6-8 classroom teacher from Matapu School, a...ipals, school principals, and classroom teachers. Language teachers,..., Jarad and Sandra, were both classroom teachers, who prepared conten...rated at the front of Jarad's classroom during the Friday morning 'Op...

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  • Learner Needs

    ...ey liked about their online courses the students at Makahu School (a one room school with just two teachers...l, first it’s a different challenge to teaching inside of the classroom, so that appealed to me. A ch...

  • Learner Needs

    ...activities. Figure 1. Video conferencing room at Kaitaia College (FarNet) Figure 2. Video conferencing room at Coastal Taranaki School (T...eport for all of the OtagoNet reports, there is room for a comment from the facili...

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  • Arts Online: Student Gallery

    Room 16 Imagine that...

    *Lesson on compositional choices: what works and what's not a good idea *Criteria: Drawing: 3x shapes, 3x birds with patterns (like Bill Hammond), favourite animal, favourite past time or object *Use colouring-in pencils as thickly applied as possible: and as colourful as possible