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  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    At NCA we had the awesome opportunity to have Tony Ryan with us for an afternoon. I...ew times we have had this type of calibre in our school. I released the Senior management team to talk with him. THe p...

  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    March 16, 2011 by Chris   Comments (0) At NCA we had the awesome opportun...ew times we have had this type of calibre in our school. I released the Senior management team to talk with him. THe p...

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  • Digital Citizenship at EGS

    Over the last two weeks we have had John Parsons from Simulate2Educate working with the students, staff and paren...s kind module designed to help young people, their families and friends reduce risk when...

  • B. I. S

    The school has provided computers for use by students, offering access to a vast amoun...r intentionally wasting resources puts your work at risk, and will cut short your time...s or alter the settings may put you or your work at risk. Com...

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  • Wellington school leaders and IT people invited to free seminar on better management if identity and access (single sign on) on 7th March: http://tiny.cc/9oig6

  • A nice way to make your VLN space look like your own is to go to your profile an click on THEME MANAGEMENT. You can add an image and change the colour scheme.

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  • Learning Communities Online

      A group of organisations or individuals that chooses to operate as a collab...wide range of technologies - including video conferencing, webinars, learning management systems and Web2.0 tools. Onl...

  • Learner Needs

      Focus Ensure learner needs are identified and addressed in an ongoing mann...yle, or prior knowledge independence, maturity, and concentration level self management skills. These consideratio...

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  • Video resources for PD

    Video resources for PD

    To create environments where all learners thrive, there is immense potential in working closely with people who s...ent is safe, innovation and the exploration of diverse ideas is supported, and risk takin...

  • OtagoNet & DunedinNet regional clusters ICTPD programme

    OtagoNet & DunedinNet regional clusters ICTPD programme

    The intention of this programme is to enhance the relationship and build purposeful collaboration between OtagoNe...hment of knowledge building ‘communities of practice’, with explicit norms of ‘risk takin...

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  • Learn Government Risk Management

    Unlike some other parts of IT, risk management has very little learning curve. So its great if you love IT but have very little technical background. It also pays very well. RMF for DoD IT sometimes called DIARMF, is actually a modification to DIACAP that is definitely derived from the NIST 800-...

    Tags: RMF, DIARMF, risk management framework, government risk management, computer security, IT security, IT, government IT, risk management

  • Rail Safety - more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand

    During Rail Safety Week, look at the serious issues there have been involving trains in New Zealand and find out why rail safety should concern you. On this trip, meet people who are most involved with rail on a day-to-day basis and share your thoughts with them.