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  • Rotorua Lakes High School

    Rotorua Lakes High School

    ...Rotoma to the base of the Rotoma range. To the south east lie the areas of Lakes Okareka, Tarawera, Tikitapu and Rotokakahi. The area is steeped in rich Maori history of the Te Arawa...

  • Whangamarino School

    Whangamarino School

    ...provide the resources, PD and guidance along the way.  Our main destination is a community of life long learners, prepared for an increasingly ICT rich world.  Kia ora.  ...

  • S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    ...gata asked the global TED community to make his dream a reality by helping him build the ultimate School in the Cloud where children, no matter how rich or poor, can engage and conne...

  • PB4L Restorative Practice

    PB4L Restorative Practice

    ...articipate.  Our Regional Support Coordinators, Moana, Rachel and Sheridan, accompanied on their initial visit  by our Expert Trainers, Greg and/or Rich, have visited these schools,...

  • Whanganui Collegiate School

    Whanganui Collegiate School

    ...used to enhance PLD, develop resources further, communicate with me (Rachel, your Regional Support Coordinator) and collect useful data, building a rich narrative of Whanganui Colleg...

  • Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    Digital Technologies NCEA Level 1

    ...delivering anything from Access, PHP/SQL, Excel + Illustrator, HTML/CSS to name but a few). Come and chat, let's see if we can generate some rich conversations and resources....