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  • "Future-oriented learning and teaching" report now online

    Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand perspective "This research project draws together findings from new data and more than 10 years of research on current practice and futures-thinking in education. The report discusses some emerging principles for future learning,...

    Tags: research, elearning, publication, nzcer

  • iPad trial

    Tags: Ipad, trial, research, learning impact, teacher inquiry

  • iPad trial

    Tags: Ipad, trial, research, learning impact, teacher inquiry

  • Call for Submissions: Themed Issue of the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

    The Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning is a refereed journal published at least twice annually by the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (www.deanz.org.nz). It publishes articles relating to primary research investigations, literature reviews, the application of distance e...

    Tags: articles, cyber school, deanz, distance education association of new zealand, e-journals, education, high school, journal of open flexible and distance learning, new zealand, online journals, open access, research, virtual school

  • Ed Strafford

    I do whatever I can to ensure the ministry of education uses digital innovation to provide better resources for learners, teachers and hapori. I do this by working really hard to bring user voices into Ministry decision-making processes.   Love football (the round ball version!)

    Skills: research, StartUp mentoring, doing stuff in Govt, linking up folks from different parts of my diverse network

  • Rebbecca Sweeney

    I have spent 15 years in eduction, training as a primary teacher, teaching, then holding many different roles in the MOE over 10 years. More recently I worked for Learning Media and I am now a Professional Learning Facilitator at CORE Education. I have a Master of Education and my thesis uncovere...

    Skills: Linking Policy and Research to Practice, supporting school leaders, research, designing change processes, mentoring, building frameworks to guide thinking and practice, collaboration.

  • Summarising "Swimming out of our depth? Leading learning in 21st century schools"

    This project started with the following general questions:  How difficult is it for teachers acculturated in 20th century ways of thinking about education and its purpose to “shift their paradigm”?  Do today’s teachers have the dispositions and competencies they are being re...

    Tags: summarise, research

  • Mainstreaming effective gifted education practices

    First published in the blog for the World Council for Gifted Education conference 2013: In the preface to the most recent (3rd) edition of 'Gifted and Talented - New Zealand Perspectives' Joseph Renzulli (p.ix) draws connections between current thinking about education and that espoused by visio...

    Tags: gifted, education, mainstreaming, research

  • Bibliography of sources for inquiry

    Tags: bibliography, internet, sources, inquiry, research