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  • Call for papers - Computers in New Zealand Schools - Innovative practices and future possibilities

    Thanks Niki from DEANZ for sharing this: Call for papers for a special issue of Computers in New Zealand Schools (http://education2x.otago.ac.nz/cinzs/ )  Assessment and ICTs: Innovative practices and future possibilities Guest Editors: Elaine Khoo and Bronwen Cowie (Univer...

    Tags: computers in nz schools, cinz, research, elearning, assessment, ict

  • Dr John Medina - How the brain learns

    Thought-provoking keynote presentation from Dr John Medina. Quote: If you wanted to design a learning environment that was directly opposed at what the brain is naturally good at doing - you'd design a *#@*&* classroom!

    Tags: brain, learning, classroom design, John Medina, research, neurology

  • Confirmed: iPads Extend a Teacher’s Impact on Kindergarten Literacy

    We asked our kindergarten teachers that question. Anyone walking by one of the classrooms can certainly see that student engagement and motivation is up when using the iPads. But our kindergarten teachers teased it out further. Because they are engaged, students are practicing longer. They are ge...

    Tags: juniors, research, ipad

  • Holiday reading list

    Tags: reading, professional learning, e-learning, research, relaxation

  • Learners' Participation, Retention and Success in e-learning: An Annotated Bibliography

    By way of Michael & DEANZ - this elearning report out on Education Counts. Though this is tertiary research there is much of relevance for the schooling sector. "Peter Guiney (Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis) has released an annotated bibliography of literature related to participa...

    Tags: deanz, distance education association of new zealand, e-learning, education, high school, new zealand, research, virtual school

  • (innovate) educate | 6 Studies Showing iPads Improve Learning

    Teachers who are fighting for stronger tech integration in their schools often come against opposition from people who believe technology not have a positive effect on student learning. This is particularly true with iPads, devices that many people see as a device for content consumption, not cre...

    Tags: iPad, iOS, research

  • What does the research say?

    So you want to make sure your e-learning programme aligns with research and best practice, but you don't have time to trawl through academic literature. No worries! Here are some snippets and summaries of relevant research. Check them out, and feel free to discuss in the community discussion ...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, #NZmathsICT, BYOD, e-assessment, e-learning, research, ICT

  • Engagement vs Enhancement

    There was a report released in the UK in 2009 by the Department for Children, Schools and Families about the effective use of ICT in UK Primary schools. It's worth a read, but one aspect jumped out at me in particular.  They noted (p10) that:  In almost all cases t...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, BYOD, e-learning, research, engagement, enhancement

  • Activity Types taxonomy

    Firstly, let's introduce the TPACK framework. This video is a brilliant (and short!) introduction, and this website unpacks it a little. Check out the official TPACK.org website for all the info you might want. So now the TPACK framework makes sense, but how do we apply it to our cla...

    Tags: maths, mathematics, BYOD, e-learning, research, ICT, TPACK, Activity Types, taxonomy

  • Have new technologies been part of new ways of learning?

    Tags: technologies, research, teaching, UK