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  • Tauranga Moana

    Tauranga Moana

    ...rtunities realised, aligned and developed through key MoE StrategiesICTPD Cluster Initiative - A localised ISTE Programme guided by Authoritative Research Ka Hikitia - Managing for Suc...

  • NEN Trial

    NEN Trial

    This group is for the research team and schools involved in the NEN Trial. It provides a convenient space for the research team to share information, communicate to all schools at once and post research reports as they are completed...

  • Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    Literacy learning in e-learning contexts

    ...ning in e-learning contexts is a research project funded through a Teac...Reseach Initiative (TLRI) grant.Researchers and teachers (ECE, primary...xamine data from archived action research inquiries focussed on e-learn...gaps in the current New Zealand research literature on e-learning as c...

  • Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    Lead Teachers of Mathematics

    ...o meet together and share 'best practice', to discuss, question and debate issues affecting our students. We like to keep up-to-date with current research and to trial new approaches.&...

  • Teaching as Inquiry

    Teaching as Inquiry

    ...hievement by the students.Timperley, H. (2009, August). Using assessment data for improving teaching practice. Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Conference  This spac...

  • S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environments

    ...ra's pioneering “Hole in the Wall” experiments helped bring the potential of self-organized learning to the public's attention. Fourteen years of research since then continue to suppor...

  • Tertiary Track

    Tertiary Track

    ...Masters, PHD ... sky's the limit! Here's a space for putting your ideas, casting opinions, initiating big questions, sharing readings, links, research, maybe even study tips that m...

  • University Essaywriting

    University Essaywriting

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  • Innovative Learning Environment Coaches

    Innovative Learning Environment Coaches

    ...e been assigned as e-Learning / Innovative Learning Environment coaches or e-Learning / Innovative Learning Environment leaders to collaborate on research-informed, effective approache...

  • Hire Right Packers and Movers Bangalore for Easy and Simple Shifting

    Hire Right Packers and Movers Bangalore for Easy and Simple Shifting

    ...ility to determine the right mover for your home shift. You have to to research work with some of good qualit...ality packers and movers companies of Bangalore to get started on your research with.   Start your rese...