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  • Blended e-Learning PLD

    Blended e-Learning (BeL)           Blended e-Learning definition e-Learning i...nd capacity. All BeL facilitators can call upon the expertise of a network of regional a...

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  • Great presentation in terms of social networking and e-learning can be found @ http://www.slideshare.net/janehart/the-future-of-elearning-is-social-learnng

  • Just added resources and activity to our cluster /pg/groups/47672/link-learning-regional-cluster/ group page. Choice

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  • Technical Coordination

      Focus Obtain advice and explore technical support options. Explanation A team of ICT leaders from across...ives such as support for infrastructure upgrades, access to high speed fibre, regional l...

  • Technical Coordination

      Focus Conduct a technical audit, and identify technical needs. Explanation For an effective LCO to succee...is is of particular significance with the development of high speed networks, regional l...

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  • Regional ICT PD Clusters

    Regional ICT PD Clusters

    This is a place where Regional personnel can find resources that are either obligatory or useful (or both) and can come together to share ideas and opportunities.

  • Connected Cluster

    Connected Cluster

    The Connected Cluster came about from a group of educators in Hamilton wishing to work with others for the bettermen...community is supported at this stage significantly by a Ministry of Education Regional I...

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  • LCN Regional Networking Days 2014

    LCN Regional Networking Days 2014

    This group is for the participants of the Learning and Change Networks Regional Networking days.    We have created this VLN for you to use as your online portal for the upcoming regional networking days. During the sessions we encourage you to tweet and share your experience with those that c...

    Tags: LCN, Learning and Change Networks, Regional Networking, Northern, Auckland, Central North, Central South, Southern

  • Welcome to the Learning and Change Regional Networking VLN Group

    Welcome to the Learning and Change Regional Networking day for the Central South Region. If you would like to interact via twitter, please send your tweets @lcnnz and then the appropriate hashtag for your region, eg #lcnnorthern, #lcncentralnorth, #lcncentralsouth, #lcnsouthern #lcnauckland We ...

    Tags: lcn, learning and change networks, regional networking

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