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  • e-learning for students with special needs

    Cluster Type – Central Region Special Schools ICT PD Cluster Year level – 5 -21 year old special needs students Context - School progress towards achieving Goals 1& 3 What is important to us and why? The teachers in the CRSSC Cluster provide educational opportunities for stud...

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  • Central South Change Priorities Activity

    Click on the link below to open the google doc for the Central South Change Priorities Activity http://goo.gl/Ms1UIb

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  • NEAL Milestone#4 - Reflective Summary

    NEAL 2011 The NEAL Regional Cluster Group represents 28 schools, most of which are located on Auckland’s North Shore.  Our schools are a mix of primary, intermediate, and secondary schools and represent an eclectic mix of teaching spaces, models, and physical structures.  Hence, ...

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  • Examples of OGHS Facebook and Twitter Feeds in Action

    The following are screen shots of OGHS's social media sites in action. To go to the live versions click on the following links: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Otago-Girls-High-School/119234038125418 Twitter https://twitter.com/otagogirls

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  • Enner Glynn School - Reflective Summary for Milestone 5

    The reflective summary for EGS

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  • Kai-oro-hoki 10-0239 MS3 Summary

    National Goals 2. Principals to integrate e-learning effectively into their schools (strategic and operational) 3. Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting environment for all students. Cluster Goals 2. Provide oppportunities and tim...

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  • Arataki ICT PD Cluster

    An area for Arataki Cluster personnel to share milestone feedback. Tags: arataki

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  • Mock-up reflective summary

    This is a mock-up reflective summary to show ICT PD clusters what an online reflective summary could look like. Click HERE for more. 

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  • Developing our eAchieve Cluster Portal: How the AppleTree Cluster collaborates online

    What was important for us? To develop an online learning community where teachers, students, leaders, and whanau can come together to share resources, communicate, and reflect on their own and their students’/children’s learning. Our community is the eAchieve web portal. ...

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  • ICT PD cluster documentation

    Information on reflective summaries and ICT PD cluster documentation can be found in the following links... 2012 Resources   Information for exiting clusters 2010 - 2012 cohort Milestone 6 template Live seminars to help with exiting requirements    2011 resourc...

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