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  • Reflective Summary

      Using e-learning to engage and motivate reluctant writers.   School type: Barton Rural is a rural school 5 minutes south of Timaru with a roll of 130 students.   Cluster: We are a part of the Aoraki Rural cluster which includes 10 other schools from around South Canterbury...

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  • Creating Podcasts (Guided Reading) CCC Cluster

    Year level: Year 4/5 Context: Creating pod casts as a follow up activity to guided reading lessons.    During Term One, Kowhai, my Year 4/5 class, created pod casts about recent books that the children had read. As part of the Connecting Canterbury Communities ICT Cluster, teachers...

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  • Talking for Success

    Hamilton East School Action ResearchNote: There has been a change of facilitator from Linda Woolhouse/Pippa Wright to Sheryl Nagels. Therefore I (Sheryl) am rewriting this Action Research Plan as part of the process to take ownership of this responsibility and move it forward. See below for my re...

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  • Timnet cluster using moodle and eportfolios

    What is important for us? This year the emphasis is to bring together all of IT skills and ideas we have been exploring over the past 3 years and apply them in new ways to the classroom for the benefit of our students, both inside the classroom and in an online environment. Why is this importan...

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  • Reflective Summary Milestone 3

    Reflections What was important for us? It is important for us to look at ways in which Casebrook and Papanui can work together to ensure that students coming from Casebrook to Papanui have a smooth transition with regard to ICT.We want to develop links with parents to ensure that they are part ...

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  • Reflection for North Westland Cluster

    Introduction The North Westland Cluster consists of 5 schools ranging from sole charge to 7 teachers, covering levels from year 0-6 with St Marys incorporating Year 7-8. Our schools are scattered over a 30 km diameter on the isolated West Coast of the South Island.   2011 Plan Our in...

    Tags: reflective summary, Hokitika, Kaniere School

  • Encouraging Successful Digital Citizens - Kura Iwa Cluster Initiatives

    The Context The Kura Iwa ICT cluster, is made up of nine Canterbury Schools – Bamford, Bromley, Christchurch East, Linwood Intermediate, Ouruhia, St Albans Catholic, St Anne’s, St Mary’s and Tai Tapu, with eTime facilitating their ICTPD programme. During 2011 the cluster have ...

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  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal C

    Outcome C: To build capacity in the parent community. This will enable them to: engage with their child/ren's education  provide feedback/feedforward  gain personal confidence with digital age tools, particularly those being used at home Each school has held at least two home ...

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  • Action Research Ohaupo

      Action Research: Ohaupo Writing 2011     Name Of initiators : Kerry Adams, Bev Boyes, Linda Clarke and Bruce Mitchell.   Investigation: We are looking into our current teaching practice in writing. Comparing student perceptions with those of the teacher. We will identi...

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  • How Principals Are Leading

    Year level - Secondary Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context - Cluster progress towards achieving Goal 2 National Goal Principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational) Cluster Goals  To approve and regularly review systems and s...

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