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  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal B

    Outcome B: Teachers who have developed evaluative capacity, professional knowledge and pedagogical understandings to create a digital age learning environment To teach in this way they will have: a pedagogical eLearning framework  personal capacity to use the digital tools required for...

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  • Extending the Reach - Kapiti Collaborative Working Parties

    Title: Kapiti Collaborative – Extending the Reach Year level: Primary and Secondary Cluster type: Regional ICTPD cluster National Goal 3: Strengthen professional learning communities and increase collaboration across the regional cluster schools. Context: The establishment of working ...

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  • Deciding on the right Learning Management System (LMS)

    Year Level: Primary and Intermediate Cluster Type: Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context: This is the second year of our Arataki ICT PD cluster (2010 - 2012). The cluster has four schools - three contributing primaries and one intermediate. The four principals have, over some...

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  • Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection April 2011

    Title: Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster Reflection April 2011 Year level: Two Cluster type: Traditional The Context: Lead Teacher Professional Learning to achieve outcomes for Cluster Goal 2 National Goal 2: Increase capability of teachers and principals to improve students' learning and achi...

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  • E-Portfolios and Languages

      Action Research: Languages and the Key Competencies through:  E-PortFolios in Language LearningName of Initiators: (Dave Malloch, HGHS, ICT Facilitator), Ronja Skandera and Patsy Hall (HOD), Language Department, Hamilton Girls’ High School.InvestigationThe Language Department o...

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  • Developing/Establishing our Professional Learning Groups (PLG)

    What was important for us? To develop subject specific learning groups where educators could come together to share and learn ICT based tools relevant to their specialist area. Why was this important? When looking at our baseline data collected when we established our ICT Cluster it was appar...

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  • Integrating E-learning Effectively - Promoting Innovative Learning Practices

    Year level - PrimaryCluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context - School progress towards achieving Goal 3 National Goal Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students Cluster Goals  Teac...

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  • May/Nov 2011, May 2012: Cluster Programme Goal A

    Outcome A: Students who are confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners. They will have: raised student achievement outcomes in literacy  opportunities to develop personal voice  an authentic audience  a digital age learning environment become engaged in thei...

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  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    About UsWaihi Schools Cluster is comprised of 6 small/medium, rural/semi-rural schools in the Waikato region. There are approximately 40 teachers within the cluster. There is a very wide range of skills and confidence levels.- our VLN- our wiki What We Wanted to Do Improve and increase the use ...

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  • Reflection on TeKids Programme

    Year level: Primary Cluster type: Traditional ICT PD Cluster National Goal: Students to become successful digital citizens Cluster Goal: Students empowered with the skills to learn in a way that enables them to become life-long, 21st Century learners. Intentions The intent of the TeKids prog...

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