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  • Piri Piri School's Reflections

      Piri Piri School – Our Digital Citizens   Piri Piri is a Decile 4, sole charge rural school with 13 students.   The focus was for students, staff and community members to share and reflect on the progress made in creating digital citizens at Piri Piri School. It was de...

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  • Teaching and eLearning

    National Goal 3 Teachers to integrate elearning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all The focus Cluster Goal 3 Teachers and students use ICTs capably, creatively and considerately within authentic learning experiences resulting in h...

    Tags: reflective summary, teaching, learning, leadership,

  • Southern Central Divide: Milestone 3 Reflection

    What was important for us?To develop communities of practice where teachers can support each other to develop blended learning opportunities for their learners.To continue to develop our core group of teacher leaders so that they are able to act as elearning leaders within their own school and wi...

    Tags: milestones, regional cluster, reflective summary. tag_names:subjects: reflective summary

  • Video maths solutions

    I wrote the solutions to 2010 NCEA paper and then videoed them as I went over the solutions. Due to large file sizes we decided to upload to a YouTube channel that we specially set up, and then have a link in Moolde for the student access. Students can also subscribe to the channel so they a...

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  • Reflective Summary: Chilton Saint James School

    The reflective summary for Chilton Saint James School concerning the implementation of an Online Learning Environment (in particular Moodle 2.0) for our school. The presentation is a prezi presentation (http://www.prezi.com) using Youtube videos to illustrate the usefulness of Moodle, and contain...

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  • Adopting ePortfolios For All Cluster Members

    Year level - PrimaryCluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context - School progress towards achieving Goal 3 National Goal Teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students Cluster Goals  Teac...

    Tags: ePortfolio, reflective summary, ictpd, Digital Daze, primary, intermediate, professional eportfolios, myportfolio, Knowledgenet, Powerpoint, spike@school, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary

  • Going It Alone Together – Forging Forward Without A Facilitator

    A Reflective Summary For Milestone 3 About our cluster   The Rotorua Lakes Cluster consists of Rotorua Lakes High School (the lead school), Rangitahi College, Mokoia Intermediate and Whangamarino School.  We range between decile 1 – 5 with rolls between 87 and 650.  Wh...

    Tags: ICTPD, ict pd, reflective summary, rotorualakescluster, rotorua, solo taxonomy, techwizardsandangels, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • Coalface Cluster Reflection : Tahuna School Exploring 21st Century pedagogy in practice.

       Background As an active part of our cluster's professional learning community we have taken part in much professional development  identifying and exploring  the needs of 21st century learners i.e. examining our values and beliefs about teaching and learning, explorin...

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  • A Reflective Summary: Engaging, Creating, Interacting through eLearning

    The context The Te Apiti ICT Cluster is comprised of six Manawatu schools (four of which are Y 1 - 8) and 105 teachers.  We are in our second year and have a 2011 focus on ‘creativity'. The focus The Te Apiti ICT Cluster's initiatives and progress in developing: Successful digita...

    Tags: Te Apiti ICT Cluster, reflective summary, elearning, national goals, primary, ictpd, ict pd, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, elearning, leadership, scaffolding, teaching as inquiry, te apiti ict cluster

  • Families actively participating in eLearning

    National Goal 4 Family and whanau to actively participate in their child’s learning The focus Cluster Goal 4 Family, whanau and the wider education community participate through online environments and the sharing and celebrating of eLearning The rationale It is important for us to ex...

    Tags: reflective summary, elearning, family, participation, online