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  • Link Learning Reflective Summary: Milestone 3, May 2011

    Year level: This is the second year of our Nelson Regional Cluster.Cluster typeRegional clusterContextOur Nelson Link Learning Cluster is a group of thirty-five schools geographically wide spread from Hira to Wakefield to Riwaka in the Nelson basin. As you can see we are geographically sprea...

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  • Milestone 3 Report - Pukekohe Intermediate - Ipod Touches.

    Year level: 7&8 Context: iPod touch Integration Research model used: Trial and Error, twitter follows, online research, interviews with students and teachers Intentions: To successfuly integrate 21 iPod touches into the two digital classes. Impact on students/teachers/whanau: Before the ...

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  • Stoke Reflective Summary for Milestone 5

    Stoke School Reflective Summary for Milestone #5 Digital citizenship We have a Cyber safe user agreement. E-Learning is a major part of our Vision for students at Stoke School, we discuss the applications and implications for using and developing elearning skills as we all get older. Peda...

    Tags: reflective summary, milestone #5

  • Teaching as Inquiry - Goal setting and strategies

    This video was put together by the lead teachers of the Malvern ICTPD cluster. It is designed to show the process the cluster teachers have gone through so far in setting up their own "Teaching as Inquiry" plans to implement in term 2. This video outlines Identifying needs, setting goals and se...

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  • Developing Successful Digital Citizens through Online Participation

      The Context The Kura Iwa ICT cluster, is made up of nine Canterbury Schools - Bamford, Bromley, Christchurch East, Linwood Intermediate, Ouruhia, St Albans Catholic, St Anne's, St Mary's and Tai Tapu, with eTime facilitating their ICTPD programme.   During 2010 the cluster conce...

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  • Parent/Whanau Communication, Inclusion & Understanding

    What was important for us? To engage parents and whanau of students transitioning to school through eLearning strategies based on;   (a) inclusion (b) communication (c) opportunity (d) learning relationships between teachers, students and caregivers   What did we do? Over the ...

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  • Nelson Christian Academy Reflective Summary for Milestone 5

    Click on the file link below to view this reflective summary.

    Tags: Milestone 5, Christian School, reflective summary,

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    The cluster held a student conference week 2 term 2. Want to do this? Here you will find our planning, subsequent actions and reflections. Contact us if you need to know more.

    Tags: Making Connections - linking digitally, student conference, student-centered, reflective summary, milestone 3, events. tag_names:subjects: reflective summary

  • Reflections on our inaugural student conference - Milestone 3

    What was important for us and why? Our cluster goals are: Student will have opportunities to develop an understanding of what it means to be a digital citizen and to develop the skills required. Students will have opportunities to collaborate with others across the cluster and beyond. We ...

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  • e-LFA Inquiry's refection 1

     This is a reflection on Hamilton's Fraser High School and Sacred heart Girls Colleges Inquiry projects. Both underway and undertaken in very different ways with the same goal in mind, raising student achievement.

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