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  • Merivale School. How we developed a Context for our Teacher Inquiry into Online Learning

    Social Networking, strengthening relationships, developing supportive online Learning environments, are all part of learning with uspace @ Merivale school. What was important for us? Identiying the key drivers from ICTPD Cluster perspective: "developing maori potential" was our very fi...

    Tags: uspace, online learning, teaching as inquiry, Merivale School, effective pedagogy, reflective summary. tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • Do e-learning tools impact on student motivation and engagement within writing?

          The focus question Do e-learning tools impact on student motivation and engagement within writing?A large majority of students at St Andrews Middle School are writing well below the National Standard for Writing. Student achievement and engagement are low in ma...

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  • Merivale School. Teaching as Inquiry Approach to Online Learning

    The Rationale: Teachers at Merivale School  (part of The Tauranga Moana ICTPD Cluster)  used a Teaching as Inquiry approach to their professional learning, in order to become more culturally responsive and to improve outcomes for their Maori Students.  The school has a student ...

    Tags: uspace, blogging, social networking, Merivale School, virtual class, reflective summary, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • Assistive Technology - Meeting a literacy challenge

      Action Research: Meeting a literacy challenge in learning support Name Of initiators : Jo McFarlane, Dave Winter, Mark Webb, Keryn Bindon Investigation: The Learning Support Department has identified a number of children who have been diagnosed with various Learning Disab...

    tag_names:subjects: reflective summary

  • Tahunanui Reflective Summary for Milestone 5

    The reflective summary for Tahunanui School in Nelson.

    Tags: reflective summary, milestone, online professional reflection, tahunanui, digital citizenship, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • St Mary's School Reflects: "How do you shift teacher practice in terms of utilising ICT's to promote learning?"

    Rotorua Town and Country ICTPD Cluster Milestone 3, Goal 5, Reflective Summary Cluster Goal 5: Inter-school and across school collaboration within the cluster extends professional learning and enhances pedagogical practice and culminates in a series of e-presentations for a national ...

    tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • Piri Piri School's Reflections

    Piri Piri is a Decile 4, rural school was 13 students. The focus was for students, staff and community members to share and reflect on the progress made in the use of ICT at Piri Piri School. The rationale was that we wanted all stakeholders to be a part of reflecting about our progress. What...

    tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln

  • Tauranga Intermediate e-Portfolio Journey

    Tauranga Intermediate, as well as being the largest intermediate school in NZ with a roll of 1241, is one of three schools in the iTeam Tauranga Cluster. Greenpark School and Tauranga Primary are the other two. In 2010 conversations began about the purpose of the students windows folders and h...

    Tags: reflective summary, e-portfolios, blogging, iTeam Tauranga, intermediate, formative assessment, k12, effective pedagogy, teaching as inquiry, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary

  • Collaborating to Support Teaching and Learning in Physical Education in the Port Hills Cluster

    Who Are We? The Port Hills Cluster is an ICT PD group consisting of five schools in Christchurch. We consist of two Intermediate schools and three primary schools, of which two are in the port community of Lyttelton.   The Context: As our cluster is spread across a wide Christchurch a...

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  • Epsom Girls Grammar School ICT PD Reflective Summary

    What was important for us?To improve student engagement through the integration of ICT strategies to enhance: (a) student centred learning(b) strong learning relationships between teachers, students and caregivers What did we do? In 2010 ICT PD was based around 6 school goals. Goal Groups led ...

    Tags: ICTPD, reflective summary, elearning, research, EGGS, secondary, . tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, vln