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  • Wondering if you're on the right track with your online reflective summaries, for more support, go to http://centre4.core-ed.net/spaces/space.php?space_key=382

  • Looking for some examples on how to upload an ICT PD reflective summary? Try: http://fizurl.com/summary1 and http://fizurl.com/summary2

  • If you are an ICT PD cluster and would like to see what an online reflective summary might look like, why not try /pg/resources/tessa.gr

  • Need help on how to to upload reflective summaries to the VLN? /pg/resources/tessa.gray/read/42602/how-to-upload-an-ict-pd-online-reflec

  • I am about to upload a practice run reflective summary for our Milestone. Hope it works. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste. Copy-paste.

  • Mock-up examples for online reflections can be found @ /pg/resources/tessa.gray/read/42602/how-to-upload-an-ict-pd-online-reflective-sum

  • Need help to upload ICT PD reflective summaries? /pg/groupcms/view/44787/

  • Exciting news...ICT PD clusters are starting to upload reflective summaries. Want to know more?

  • For more on how to upload your ICT PD reflective summaries to the VLN, go to /pg/groupcms/view/44787/

  • If you are an ICT PD cluster needing help to upload a reflective summary, then go to /pg/groupcms/view/44787/