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  • Mock-up examples for online reflections can be found @ /pg/resources/tessa.gray/read/42602/how-to-upload-an-ict-pd-online-reflective-sum

  • Has anyone figured out where the ictpd clusters are supposed to upload their reflections for the milestone, got a few Principals asking?

  • @Globo Hi there:-) Each cluster should start a group and upload their reflections there (see /pg/pages/view/32309/)

  • It is all happening recording material for reflections

  • Valued reflections/sharing from #EduCampAKL http://bit.ly/njc0lq thanks @traintheteacher @stevevoisey @vanschaijik @taratj @TeacherNZ @phpnz

  • We are having a Rotorua Lakes Cluster meeting with a large group at Ulearn! Taking video reflections. Hooray!

  • Just posted some reflections about Learning @Schools on our Curriculum Integration Project blog http://tinyurl.com/7aepstr

  • Reflections on the last week in our Curriculum Integration Project - http://tinyurl.com/83hqfja

  • Some reflections on the Curriculum Integration Project: Permission to screw up - http://tinyurl.com/cr7wbek

  • Some more reflections on progress in the Curriculum Integration Project: Authentic Authenticity http://curriculumintegrationproject.blogspot.co.nz/