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  • Am a teacher aide at Aorere College helping to run a reading group.

  • I love reading how friendly we all are...so and so is now a friend with...just lovely!

  • VLN Primary what's coming up - online learning opportunities http://eepurl.com/iVe8z

  • Want to start reading reflective summaries from other clusters? Try searching in /pg/resources/world/world

  • Working through theming our school moodle, running online subject selection and opened up google apps for all students today

  • @AllanahK Awesome and thanks for the fast reply Allanah. Will add this to the next ICT PD Online newsletter.

  • Don't forget to tell us how you went uploading the ICT PD Online reflective summaries @ /pg/groupcms/view/53312/

  • Reading my emails and catching up on the work that I set for my 5 classes today.

  • Please share your experiences for uploading ICT PD reflective summaries online, so we can revise for next time http://fizurl.com/survey

  • Prepping for the first VPLD face-to-face meeting of 2011...really looking forward to meeting all the people I have got to know online :-)