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  • Getting Started With Goal 4

    Year level - Secondary Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster Context - Cluster progress...understandings are high on the interest lists of the school community. That there is grea...

  • Fairfield Book Club

    Year Level 9-13 Cluster type Single school Context Fairfield Book Club wiki – students to share their passion for reading by writing book reviews and sharing to a wide...entions To move the existing book club to an online space to en...ating communities of learners within...

  • How Principals Are Leading

    Year level - Secondary Cluster Type - Traditional ICT PD Cluster...echnologies through mobile netbooks Revisiting the strategic pl...ted a blog I have co-learned with students on how to make a vide...vision Students will be have greater access to devices and servi...d to appraisal Conversations with a...

  • Teachers Hold the Real Keys to Whiteboard Effectiveness

    http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2011/06/15/35mm-whiteboards.h30.html?tkn=QNCHGHOtI817meTf3DmDhLU5VbQj9%2FHRywtT&cmp=clp-sb-ascd An interesting read..... great plug for PD.  We are so blessed having the ICT PD Cluster available to us.  

  • Parkvale One to One Classrooms

    We have begun our One to One Journey and had a fantastic beginning. We have had great support from all of the parents, yet we felt it was time to share more of our classroom experiences with the parents. Here is the presentation that we created to share our journey and expectations for the future.

  • Junior School Goal Setting

    Cluster Goal 3: Schools develop a culture of goal setting, reflection and...sp;the students wrote in their writing book...talk on the mat’) and discussed with t...ol values. Their goal was then printed with...;t have a problem that she needed help with...

  • Principal's reflection

    Mary Ann Baxter, Principal of HGHS, shares her eLearning jo...ners. The Skyped presentation with Andrew Douch on our Teacher O...eds around ICT and e-learning within a framework that is all the...is available via the internet with pedagogical intentions always...am learning from and engaging with o...

  • Ten Minutes Radio Station with year 9 Performing Arts

    This was part of an internal assessment given to 4 classes of year 9 Performing Arts. I taught students how to use and edit their recording clips on audacity. It was a great success - students loved being pro-active with their learning - lots of creativity through ICT.

  • Teaching as Inquiry - Using E-pals to Improve Student Achievement in Written Language. Reflective Summary - St Andrews School

    School Type St Andrews is a rural school, of approximately 108 student...ken on the responsibility for ICT pd within their school, with...ich required the children to do some readin...n changed teacher. We are continuing with...re using it to write a blog to share with...

  • Greater Christchurch Schools Network : Reflective Summary Milestone 4

    The GCSN team have undertaken a wide range of activitie...were able to have access to a greater variety of critical thinki...op start time and location. With students also using the event...n and Ashburton.  It was great to be able share information...The next step is to discuss with s...