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  • mrsmcwinch

    DP at Sandspit Raod School, Waiuku, just beginning our e-elarning journey. Married, three grown sons.

    Tags: New learning, reading, Whangapoua in the summer camping.

  • Julia Malcolm

    I am a DP at Rangiora HS, which has a roll of 1722 students. It is just out of Christchurch and because of the earthquakes the town is growing fast with lots of new subdivisions. Our roll is projected to top out at 2000 in the next few years.  My role is in Student Services which includes oversig...

    Tags: Gardening, outdoors, theatre, reading, cinema, cooking for friends, travel.

  • Scholastic student activities

    There's a wealth of great teaching and learning resources in this website. Including: Listen and Read: Read-Along Books in a large variety of topics Clifford Interactive Storybooks: Phonics Fun for Early Readers read-a-long and interactive stories Story Starters - ...

    Tags: literacy, writing, reading, e-tools

  • LEARNZ Fieldtrip

    Reading is more than just a subject area generally scheduled during the morning session.  Reading is a means of accessing the curriculum, and as such needs to include reading within each of the curriculum areas to extend a student's subject specific vocabulary and understanding of text. &nbs...

    Tags: reading, comprehension, decoding, analysis, interpretation of text, inference, research, reading skills, e-Learning, curriculum

  • Choosing the virtual fieldtrip and reading the background information

    The LEARNZ website and participation in the virtual fieldtrips is available free to all NZ schools.  The only time a cost is incurred is when your class decides to send a virtual ambassador to take part in one of the fieldtrips.  To register your class go to http://learnz.org.nz In t...

    Tags: reading, comprehension, research, fieldtrips, virtual fieldtrips, e-Learning

  • Reading skills for online reading

    Reading online requires a different set of skills from reading paper based text, and also provides many opportunities for more effective reading, processing and presenting.  This section aims to introduce you and your class to these skills and opportunities. Online text is multidimens...

    Tags: reading, reading online, literacy, digital literacy, e-Learning

  • Literacy, Blended Reading and LEARNZ

    Tags: literacy, reading, reading programme, NZ reading content, blended elearning literacy, LEARNZ

  • Assessment Templates

    Assessment data template for making an OTJ in Reading:     Assessment data template for making an OTJ in Writing:         Template for analysing identified needs/trends in assessment data. (Created by Frankton Primary School). Example of the above t...

    Tags: assessment, OTJ, reading, writing.

  • Assessment

    Tags: assessment, OTJ, reading, writing.