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  • Chained to 2 screens in my BLAT cave. Slaving feverishly over planning for 5 Literacy workshops - why do we say we'll do these things ???

  • Checking on what's happening in the VLN is already becoming a tad addictive! Some great educational discussions happening... learning lots!!

  • @jkellow15 What a positively wonderfully, refreshing idea Jan-Marie, I love the references to those really important things like Mums. :)

  • Have a look at our macro photos. The children had to find things that "held our school together"

  • @dylan.mcdonald Enjoy being part of this educational network! I hope that everyone at Hira is enjoying the PD.

  • nearly the end of a long learning week... hope 2 take bak a few things to my staff... nt long b4 term4 starts and reports... plus milestones

  • Thanks for the reminder - otherwise I might have been watching something far less educational on TV! Or engrossed in my book...

  • Fun and thoughtful post from @dwenmoth > BYOD in schools's blog: Top 10 Things NOT to do in a 1:1 iPad Initiative... http://bit.ly/KvkciM

  • Understand why people are posting things three times to the VLN- it's cos it is SO slow. It never used to be. Is this an issue for others?

  • How do PE teachers use Google apps and video to help improve physical educational outcomes? /discussion/view/816419