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  • Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    Rotorua Lakes Cluster

    We are a cluster in Rotorua consisting of Rotorua Lakes High, Mokoia Intermediate, Whangamarino Primary and Rangitahi College. From 2012 this evidence linked to this space will be attached to the five cluster goals, uploaded as pages. Previously, everything was uploaded as a resource. Within ea...

    Tags: rotorua, cluster, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, whangamarino, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi

  • Rangitahi College

    Rangitahi College

    Kia ora.  This is our new professional learning site to help us share and learn as education professionals. It is also required by our commitment to the Rotorua Lakes ICTPD Cluster.  It shows some aspects of our professional learning and reflections as we move thru' our 3 yr contract. We want pr...

    Tags: rotorua, rotorua lakes cluster, ictpd, ictpd cluster, highschool, rangitahi, secondary schools, ulearn11

  • Milestone 5

    Tags: milestone 5, rotorua lakes cluster, mokoiaintermediate, whangamarino, rangitahi, rotorua lakes high school

  • Reflections on ULearn11 - Phil's ePortfolios Preconference Workshop

    Phil's comments - and maybe others' in due time: ALSO:1.  See other posts from every Breakout or Keynote session attended.2.  See my BRIEF REFLECTIONS posting - summarising my key learnings or notable points. Preconference - attended the e-Portfolios workshop by Nick Rate. 10 STEPS: ...

    Tags: eportfolios, appraisal, knowledgenet, myportfolio, evidence, google aps, pl, rangitahi, feedback

  • Milestone 4

    Finally completed the draft and I've posted it off to Anne S - phew! Thanks to Ann E who allowed us to use her journey as the example in the reflective summary.  This is now posted as a resource.

    Tags: milestone 4, rotorualakescluster, rotorua lakes high school, whangamarino, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi

  • Learning@School 2012

    Eleven members of Rangitahi College and three members of Mokoia Intermediate attended the conference held in Hamilton in the week before school started. Here are our notes and reflections: Keynotes - Kevin Honeycutt 1. Wharehoka Wano and Deanne Thomas 2.Wharehoka Wano and Deanne Thomas Fran...

    Tags: milestone 5, rotorualakescluster, mokoiaintermediate, rangitahi, goal 3, professional development, learning@school

  • Uploading the template for Milestone 5 and pages for linking evidence

    You'll see that tonight I've uploaded the template as a Google Doc as per trevor's advice.  I've sent links to principals and lead teachers and the idea is that we see what each other writes. Trevor too, is able to see our progress and give us advice as we work. I've made pages for each of...

    Tags: milestone 5, rotorualakescluster, mokoiaintermediate, whangamarino, rotorua lakes high school, rangitahi

  • Rangitahi Reflection comment for section 4.4

    Tags: rangitahi, reflections, milestone 4

  • Milestone 4 - 4.4 - Rangitahi College Summary

    4.2     Provide a summary of progress towards cluster programme goals that have not been outlined in 4.3 4.4 Reflections on Rangitahi College’s Involvement in the ICT PD Contract (second half of 2011)   Phil Buchanan, Lead Teacher Nov. 2011   a) &nb...

    Tags: rangitahi, milestone 4, reflective summary, 4.4, rotorualakescluster

  • Rangitahi College's Journey to Milestone 4

    Tags: rangitahi, rotorualakescluster, milestone 4, reflective summary,