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  • e-Buddy programme summary

    Summary: the Cluster for Higher Learning e-buddy programme Context: Over the past t...therefore there hasn’t been a cluster-wide publishing stage however in schools the...t stage hasn’t been forgotten with students publish...

  • Social Networking Tools

    This is a space to add some help tools we can use. Twitter Great microblogging tool for sharing one liners, linking with like minded people and sharing resources.  Here's one I found in a Tweet from Paula Jamieson: Open publication - Free publishing - More twitter

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  • working through what Kaitao Intermediate School is looking at for tablets for every student, B09 Google Android 2.2 10.1 inch

  • any suggestions to have an open network for wireless n a school during school hours? we have some tablets cruz 1s that cant open proxys HELP

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  • Science Fiction and the Facts

    Perhaps the notion of space travel is still a little far fetched and a few decades away....r Trek the Next Generation reveals tables littered with hand held devices and tablets. It is not a mystery to under...



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  • Surface Tablet Group

    Surface Tablet Group

    A lot of people have purchased Micosoft Surface Tablets. Let's work together and share the good things that they can do.