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  • working through what Kaitao Intermediate School is looking at for tablets for every student, B09 Google Android 2.2 10.1 inch

  • any suggestions to have an open network for wireless n a school during school hours? we have some tablets cruz 1s that cant open proxys HELP

  • Can you help Enchante? > Which tablets do you use? http://ow.ly/fQXPD

  • Can anyone give me links to actual research in relation to the use of ipads/tablets for the improvement of literacy in the classroom?

  • Apple has published some great webinars for producing, publishing and managing learning resources.. worth a look: http://tinyurl.com/p5yoy9r

  • Hi Purchasing computers for our school. 3 tablets or 1 ipad for the same $? Unsure of the right move. Any suggestions? What about leasing?

  • If you have Surface tablets you may like join the new group /groups/profile/874409/surface-tablet-group

  • please advise maths apps for years 0-2 for computer or android tablets

  • Literacy apps for years 1 & 2 for samsung tablets. Any ideas please?

  • We are a laptop school but now want to get a tablet for every room.I'm an Apple girl but we have HP. Android tablets are cheaper.Your likes?