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  • Erin Sawyer

    I am currently teaching Year 8-10 at Hamilton Junior High School and am in the Acting Assistant Principal role. I use online tools in all areas of my practice and I am passionate about engaging my learners to be future focused and self-directed. I am interested in developing teacher competencies ...

    Tags: elearning, appraisal, eportfolios, professional eportfolios, prt, teaching as inquiry, future focused learning, MLE

  • PRT's

    Tags: reflection, teaching, PRT, teacher_registration

  • Te Piko o te Mahuri 2013 - PRT's

    Te Piko o te Mahuri 2013 - PRT's

    "Te piko o te māhuri tērā te tupu o te rākau". Te Piko o te Māhuri is VLN group with closed membership, for provisionally registered teachers and overseas trained teachers (PRT's and OTT's) and mentors, allocated to receive support through this centrally funded PLD provision.

    Tags: PRT, piko o te māhuri, Mentor, beginner teacher, teacher support, Māori medium

  • PRTs


    This group is a community for PRTs to ask questions, shared new learning and resources.  It was born at the PRT digital technologies day in Gisborne on 16th June 2015

    Tags: PRT, Gisborne

  • LIVE WEBINAR: Diving into Seesaw 2 | Teacher eportfolios

    Come and join us for our second hands-on experience to find out (in more detail) how Seesaw can be used as a digital ePortfolio for teachers.

    Tags: seesaw, 2, teachers, eportfolios, PRT, criteria