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  • Kathy Paterson

    About me: I am the Associate Principal at Hamilton Girls' High School - my main portfolio is elearning which is an exciting area to lead. I am the Projector Director for our ICT PD CLuster.



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  • Mathsbox - Starters and Games

    Mathsbox - "A box of extras for busy teachers". "Games and activities... that you never get time to make..."Check out this website for starters, warmups and worksheets. Some downloadable pdfs and some swf (Shockwave Flash) activities for the projector. Have a look :)

    Tags: resources, starters, flash, projector, resources, maths, mathematics

  • 6 Ways to show your iPad on the projector screen

    6 Ways of projecting your iPad.  Airparrot is missing - good for Airplay/ATV for computers (Mac/PC) that are not airplay compatible ( ) I think we have had this but still get lots of questions......

    Tags: ipad, projector, screen

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