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  • Marielle Lange

    The video "Shift happens" tells us that we can expect to have to change of career in the future. It already happened to me. I had a first career as a Cognitive Psychologist, specialized in psycholinguistics in Europe (MPhil, Cambridge, UK; PhD Brussels, Belgium). A second one as a software develo...

    Skills: wikispaces, cognitive psychology, neurosciences, software development, programming, french

  • digitalproficiency @ wikispaces.com

    This wikispace tries and provides bridges between standards listed in the curriculum (NZ for now) and digital skills as they are used in the industry, on a day to day basis. Covers programming (simple and advanced), design, visualisation, mobile devices.

    Tags: digital resources, visualisation, programming, wikispaces

  • RoomBadge, a demo plugin and tutorial for writing plugins for Mahara [Beginners to Intermediate]

    Provided a very simple blocktype plugin as a demonstration. It let the user add a very simple classroom badge at the bottom of the page. The background color and class name can be configured. It assumes some knowledge of web development and php programming.  Resources: Tutorial: ...

    Tags: mahara, programming

  • Mashing up data on wikispaces

    This has been advertised elswewhere on this VLN. The NZ Mix and Mash competition has just started. You have till September 19th to submit your entry. The thing is that you don't need  complex technology or advanced technical skills to make great projects. It's more about having a nice idea ...

    Tags: wikispaces, web 2.0, programming

  • Programming - Robocup - Scratch ETC

    Programming - Robocup - Scratch ETC

    How are we using lego robotics in our schools? What about scratch animation or alice,blender?    Love to have conversations and sharing with other using these to stretch students have fun and make Mischief

    Tags: animation, scratch, lego, thinking, programming

  • Sharron Gray

    Teach Digital Technologies years 9 -13.

    Tags: programming, technology, electronics, gaming for teaching

  • Are you coding?

    Tags: coding, programming, Codecademy

  • Girls and Coding

    How to get girls into coding at an earlier age. From Mindshift.  

    Tags: coding, programming, girls and learning, careers, Mindshift

  • The world needs programmers

    Cross post from Enabling ELearning : Teaching.

    Tags: coding, programming

  • Coding in Maths

    Cross post from the Maths and ICT community on the VLN.

    Tags: maths, coding, programming