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  • lindabrown

    About me: ...ull time teacher without a class.  I teach te reo to whole school and run a gifted arts programme.  Do extension and remedial maths and language programmes in both junior and senior sch...

  • Ross Alexander

    About me: ...velopment. I also work one and a half days in a local school - working with students and teachers to integrate ICT into their science and maths programmes, and with teachers to build t...

  • Philip Buchanan

    About me: ...king across 8 schools and in collaboration with the other 12 national VC clusters - mostly sharing videoconferenced classes and a range of PD/PL programmes for staff development.  I hav...

  • Cameron Lockie

    About me: Principal of Kaipara Flats School north of Auckland. Using iPads and iPod Touches in our learning programmes.

  • Jan Coleman

    About me: ...use of?) this I am still passionate about learning for all - including myself. I value innovation and love hearing about and helping to shape programmes and learning for all. our kid...

  • Theresa Bosch

    About me: ...he cluster in dealing with the Ministry of Education within the scope of the contract.  I oversee planned and strategic professional development programmes which meet the objectives of...

  • Bu Windsor

    About me: Teaching principal at View Hill School. We are a small rural school, using strengths-based teaching to motivate and engage our 60+ pupils in curriculum programmes that utilise our community resources and events.

  • Angela Kerr

    About me: ...students of their age during playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies in the mainstream schools. The students from the host schools come in for some programmes like 'buddy reading' and visi...

  • Thomas Smith

    About me: Team leader at technology centre providing learning programmes for students at year seven and eight level. Underwater hockey coach. Collector of miscelleanous toys, tools and devices for fun.   

  • Andrea Robertson

    About me: Hi there I am a lecturer at University of Otago College of Education.  I teach in Primary and Secondary programmes in the areas of Technology and e-learning.  I am passionate about lea...