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  • Are you interested in infusing e-learning into your maths programme? Come and see how FREE webinar with Vanitha 29 May http://bit.ly/1qAN1Va

  • How to create a computer programme for minecraft in the classroom?

  • Te ika unahi nui wānanga – A marae-based learning programme http://bit.ly/1xzKcCq // Building relationships between school, whānau and marae

  • Is anyone using onenote class notebook as part of their classroom programme? How did you get this started up and where did you go for PD?

  • What are people using as pre/post assessment for HPP oral language programme please?

  • How do you structure reading and writing programme? Are 2 one hours sessions are more valuable or 4 thirty minute lessons?

  • Today's Twitter #eelslow question: What next steps would you like to take to make your learning programme more inclusive?

  • Anyone else using Numicon programme at their school? Any ideas for e-learning?

  • Are NZ teachers using https://www.prodigygame.com/ as part of their mathematics programme, how do you rate it?

  • Kia Takatū ā Matihiko | Nationwide Readiness Programme helping teachers with new digital technologies. Sign up @ https://kiatakatu.ac.nz/