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  • Playing with QR codes - just added one to my profile. Where does it go?;-) /pg/profile/karenmelhuish

  • @karenmelhuish wireVTwitter not so useful 4 us, went with twitter feed on profile using blog widget, can see possibilities 4 closed group

  • Tired of having a faceless head? Here's a screencast to help make your profile page the best on the VLN: http://vimeo.com/19738343

  • Morning, all! If you feel a bit new here, or your profile is a bit 'grey', pop into 'Getting started on the VLN' http://bit.ly/fPOTAd

  • A nice way to make your VLN space look like your own is to go to your profile an click on THEME MANAGEMENT. You can add an image and change the colour scheme.

  • Quick tip: It's easier for people to connect with you if you have a photo and profile page. Pop into 'Getting started on the VLN' for help

  • Tip of the day: People are more likely to connect with you if you have some details in your profile page, and a photo/avatar:-)

  • I changed my profile background to make it a pretty pink with my QR code header.

  • Don't forget when you set up your profile and group, set up notifications too, to monitor recent activity. /pg/groupcms/view/28584/

  • @camlockie On your profile, go to 'click to add widget' and choose message board - but I think you already have it:-)