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  • Tracey Schumacher

    About me: ...lly enjoy tinkering with ICT, and using it as a regular tool in my classroom. I am nowhere near an expert but I do know how to find answers to my problems (which can be numerous when...

  • Annemarie Hyde

    About me: ...the person who fixes the computers. I want to get teachers passionate about e_learning but know that things like national standards and hardware problems and limits cause a lot of ro...Interests: hashing out the problems of the world on a hashtag!

  • Simon Drewery

    Skills: problem solver

  • Glenis Martin

    About me: Working with Hooked-on-Thinking at Al-Madinah School as well as teaching Future Problem Solving at Northcross Intermediate

  • Tim Kong

    About me: ...network for our school of 400 students. In real terms I’m the guy that everyone turns to if anything with a plug attached to it has an issue or a problem. I enjoy ICT, but I don’t se...

  • Sophie Wright

    About me: I am a Maths teacher at Mount Roskill Grammar school. I love hard Maths problems. Also Stats scholarship and thinking about how to build statistical literacy. I am also the Director...

  • Janet Shepherd

    About me: ...ach term I start with another lot of students.  These students have been identified by teachers as having an aptitude towards visual arts or have problems with academic learning.  Th...

  • Megan Gallagher

    Skills: creative problem solving

  • Jim Sporleder

    About me: ...enrollment has grown by 35 students and we are still going to fall under the 320 office referral count.  Our focus is to address the cause of the problem and not react to the infracti...

  • Janet Wolstenholme

    Skills: Problem-solving