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  • Hi all - if you have noticed speed issues with the VLN lately apologies - we think we have found the cause of the problem - working on it

  • Wahoo! NZ students gained 3 x1st & 2 x 2nd places at the International Future Problem Solving competition this week. www.fpsnz.co.nz

  • The lack of a designated technician or trouble shooter within a school, or remotely, to fix problems as they occur, can be a problem.

  • Polya's model of problem solving in Maths, any other primary teacher using this approach?

  • Shout-out for Marlene: Anyone using Problem Based Learning in senior classes with NCEA assessment as the end focus? http://bit.ly/KqS0T3

  • Resourcing and Problem Solving Firstly I would have an urgent meeting with the Board Chair then with the BOT to find out where and how the overspending has occurred. I agree with comments by Liz Wo

  • Professional Learning and Development is frequently part of the problem in schools...thoughts? http://bit.ly/SMhZKH