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  • Regional Meeting Oct 5 2010 Minutes

    Manaiakalani, Russell Burt decile 1a cluster, about generational change netbooks 5...have one for next year. kapiti collective 10 primary and 2 secondary aiming to ra...mation 3k students 350 teachers looking to link prima...

  • Walkthrough at Nayland Primary

    This was a great event and I was fortunate to see immediately the impact of Tony Ryan's visit to Nayland School.  The wonder wall in one of the rooms was terrific...

  • Starting out in the VLN

    Stage 1: How to start a group in the Virtual Learning NetworkThe VLN starts with you. It starts with sharing enough...tailed information. For example, cluster name, icon, who belongs to the group, prima...

  • Using the iPad Creatively in Class

    At Waihi East Primary School a year 5/6 class is studying 'Matariki' w...chool show near the end of term 2 2011. Our Arts drama focus is - Level 3 Achievemen...Initiate and develop ideas with others to create drama. Specific Learning Outcomes s...

  • Game Mechamics

    Capture the the system of features that make games fun, compelling and addicting....narrative → narrative goals → challenge, competition, cooperation, drama, game level social interacti...

  • Milestone Resources

    Milestone Summaries 'How to' Video Reflective Summary Example - Appletree Cluster Reflective Summary Example - Nayland School   Sharing online professional reflections - PDF Download   Milestone Template - Cluster Report 3 (Mark to complete)

  • Reflective Summary: Milestone 3 2011

    Year level: This is a second year of a 3 year contract. Cluster type: We are an ICT cluster. Context: We are a cluster of 10 full prima...

  • Pleasant Point Primary

    "Teaching as Inquiry" Focus: How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in Writing? PPPSActionPlan

  • NZ Education Wikispaces

    ...ge e-learning - http://tawaelearning.wikispaces.com/ Waikaranga Primary School - http://room3c2010.wi...y Lessons - http://mrvan.wikispaces.com/Biology+Lessons AO Drama Wiki page - http://aodrama.wikispaces.com/ Aorere Colle...

  • Primary Wall ad the Reading

    Reaction to this weeks reading - using Primary Wall - which can be exported to Wordle http://elearning.primarywall.com/1