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  • Sam Weepers

    About me: ...luster and based at Dunedin North Intermediate School.  Particular areas of professional strength and interest for me include: Restorative Practices Circle Time Positive Educ...

  • Tanya Thompson

    About me: ...iddle School. I have been the lead teacher in the development and implementation of action research as a method to enhance teaching and learning practices within our school. I am respo...

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  • Curriculum at Enner Glynn School

    ...ues include: sustainability – exploring the long-term impact of social, cultural, scientific, technological,
economic, or political practices on society and the environmen...

  • Stoke

    ...equipment bring benefits to the teaching and learning programmes atStokeSchool, and to the operation of the school. Our school has cybersafety practices in place, which include cyber...

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  • Really enjoying Principles and Practices of Online teaching course with great ideas for engaging online @ http://bit.ly/q3iqSf

  • If you were to develop a NZ e-Learning pedagogy or set of teaching practices, what would you include? http://bit.ly/1svIPS7

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  • Learning Communities Online

    ...    Learning – this must always be the primary focus of these communities. The emphasis here is on the emerging pedagogical practices that must be explored and ado...

  • Pedagogy

    ...ify current and desired teaching practices online. Explanation An iden...of current and desired teaching practices online, and an understanding...to determine changes to existing practices that will need to be made. It...search about changes to teaching practices....

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  • Manaiakalani


    ...on To develop capacity in children and families in the Tamaki Community by growing interdependence, innovation and creativity using sustainable practices. Description The Manaiakala...

  • giftEDnz


    ...New Zealand's first national professional community in gifted and talented education for: networking, supporting and learning sharing best practices advocating for diverse needs...

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