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    Link to Teacher Inquiries @ MRGS

    Tags: Teacher Inquiries, pedagogy, stories, practice

  • Manaiakalani research explained: site launched

    This site provides summaries and resources related to Manaiakalani research and evaluation conducted by the Woolf Fisher Research Centre in partnership with the Manaiakalani Education Trust and the cluster schools. 

    Tags: Manaiakalani, coherence, engagement, practice, research, WFRC

  • Manaiakalani research explained: site launched

    Tags: Manaiakalani, coherence, engagement, practice, research, WFRC

  • What makes great teaching?

    Here’s a valuable piece of research to see us out towards the end of the year. Possibly something to start the year next year too? What makes great teaching? Review of the Underpinning Research. Posted on: October 31, 2014. Categories: Schools Author: R...

    Tags: great, teaching, effective, pedagogy, practice, research, key ideas

  • The Nature of Learning: Using research to inspire practice

    The Nature of Learning: Using research to inspire practice (Centre for educational research and innovation for education).  This paper asks, "How can the learning sciences inform the design of 21st Century Learning environments." Here's something to put the cat amongst the p...

    Tags: learning, theory, research, brain, practice

  • e-Learning unconference webinar

    Enabling e-Learning has another webinar coming up 9th September, but this time we need YOU!  UNCONFERENCE WEBINAR: E-Learning in your classroom - Your voice 2015, 9 September, 3.45-4.45pm   This webinar is an open/unconference event. Each year we create a space for community ...

    Tags: unconference, e-learning, classroom, practice, sharing, ideas, tips, tricks, e-tools, pedagogy

  • DISCUSSION POST: Digital gaming in the classroom/games for learning

    Come join us, as we explore the potential of gaming in education for both teachers and learners as active participants in learning design, with links to the new Digital Technologies | Hangarau Matihiko elements of the Technology document.

    Tags: digital, games, virtual, reality, gamification, theory, practice, hangaru, matihiko

  • REVITALISATION POST: Innovation in the classroom

    In this discussion we have a challenge/wero for you, to share what innovation in learning looks like in your classroom or school.

    Tags: innovation, classroom, school, ideas, practice, examples, challenge, crowd-sourced

  • Digital Resource #3: Digital citizenship when learning from home

    This pick-up-and-go teacher resource will focus on practical examples and ideas for ensuring our learners are safe online as they engage with web content, communication technologies as well as social media.

    Tags: digital, citizenship, online, practice, safety, tips, stories

  • Digital resources for teachers

    Enabling e-Learning is developing a series of digital packages that enable you to quickly access ideas and resources to teach with, through and about Digital Technologies; some of which enable you to support others in your school as well. Let us know what you'd like to see more of. ...

    Tags: digital, technology, e-learning, teacher, professional, learning, educator, classroom, pedagogy, practice, ideas, pick, up, go